Jewellery Displays

Our Products

We have arranged our products into key categories to help you find and view the products that you are most interested in quickly.  Where products come in a range of sizes (e.g. busts), the product is listed once and the item description gives the various sizes and material / colour combinations available.This is only a taste of what we can produce contact for personal attention.

Our product ranges comprises of:

  • Necks  From traditional to modern neck busts available in a range of and styles.
  • Bangles and Chains  Single and double Tee stands in a variety of sizes from single to triple chain pads.
  • Earring Stands  A wide range of stands from single stud to 10 on studs & drops.
  • Wedge Displays  Traditional wedge displays for cufflinks, earrings and rings from single to five on.
  • Shaped Ring Blocks  Unique shaped ring blocks in singles and groups of 3 or 4 and available in multiple sizes.
  • Bracelets  Wide range of scrolls and watch stands in a variety of sizes and styles.










If you have any questions about our products that are not answered on the item pages, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.